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Isabella Co. has until May 14 to decide if public safety millage will be on August ballot

ISABELLA COUNTY — Isabella County commissioners held a meeting Tuesday after confirming they would be cutting the sheriff’s office budget and that 19 road patrol deputies would be losing their jobs.

The meeting was held in Mount Pleasant, where they addressed the issue of a possible millage being added to the August ballot in an effort to keep from losing any deputies.

Community members say if those deputies are let go, that’s years of experience the county will not get back.


More than 20 people provided public comment in the meeting, expressing their concerns on losing those deputies.

After hours of discussion, county commissioners did not come to a conclusion, as it was not on the agenda to discuss whether or not it will be added to the ballot, but commissioners did say they have a deadline of May 14 at 4 p.m. to make a decision, but hope they can find one before then.

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