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Community Sponsorship Request


Looking to partner with 9&10 News on your next event?

9&10 News is actively involved in our community by helping partner with a variety of businesses, charities, and non-profits. Unfortunately, due to the size of our viewing area and number of requests we receive, we are not always able to agree to every sponsorship.


9&10 News Marketing & Promotions Department will carefully review all sponsorship requests received and will take into consideration our available resources and circumstance before agreeing with the partnership.


Read before submitting your request

If your event date is 2 weeks (or less than) away from date of submission, we will not be able to provide the sponsorship outcome that your business deserves. Requests will be reviewed, but in most cases, will be denied.


The most successful sponsorship agreements that we have are those in which there is a contract signed by both parties between 6-8 weeks prior to event date. This is especially needed if your sponsorship agreement includes creative spots or materials designed by our in-house creative team, Lake Effect, or has other outstanding needs that need to be met.


Please understand that this submission does not mean 9&10 News is agreeing to take part as a sponsor. You will receive notification from a marketing team member with more details along with a contract if the process is moving forward.


To submit your request, or get clarification on any questions about sponsorship levels, best practices, or other opportunities to promote with 9&10 News, please email us at