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Michigan winters mean winter sports, which help boost local economy and small businesses

CADILLAC - As Northern Michigan continues to get more snow, winter sports enthusiasts are taking advantage.

The state allows people to take to the great outdoors, no matter what season it is.

“It completely dumped here on Saturday. And people were loving it,” said Brittney Primeau, director of communications at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort.


Tourists and locals alike have taken to the great outdoors to continue to enjoy the weather, meaning winter sports are in full swing!

“This weekend was our busiest weekend of the season so far, much to do with our hardworking snow makers and those snowmaking temps and of course, the natural snowfall,” said Primeau.

The sports offered in Northern Michigan brings in tourists which helps boost the local economy.

“The past few weeks have been great, almost 75% full on hotel. Bunch of people from the local area for Camper and Indiana,” said General Manager of Evergreen Resort David Vigne.


And believe it or not, the snow helps with the harvest too!

“Couldn’t love the snow more. Our farm looks beautiful in the snow and actually snow helps protect our grain. Creates a better harvest for us as spring and summer come,” said Partner of Iron Fish Distillery Sarah Anderson.

Many people took to the ski hills Monday, where all 59 downhill runs were opened for this first time this season.

“I’m excited that we’re in full winter operations. We’re 100% open a week or two earlier than we were last year at this point. So that’s exciting. It looks promising for the rest of the season after a tough start,” said Primeau.


The mountain also offers snowshoeing, ice skating, and even fat tire biking.

“There’s no bad weather, just bad gear. Right. So as long as you’re bundled enough and we put tents out there all the time about how to dress for the weather and bringing people here for the tourism again, those long weekends, it’s not only great for us, but our nearby businesses and Frankfurt iron fish two miles away,” said Primeau.

But if you’re someone who is needs to warm up with some good food and drinks, Iron Fish has you covered.

“It seems like when there’s groups at Crystal Mountain, inevitably there’s a couple of people in family or families or any group that just don’t ski. They come over here, have a little drink, maybe a little bite to eat, do a tour, enjoy one of the experiences that we have here. So, it’s sort of a win win for both the outdoor enthusiasts and those who like to stay more cozy and enjoy a beverage,” says Anderson.


And if youre looking for a recommendation, Anderson has one for you, that you can enjoy in their brand new still room.

“We make a pizza that is a spicy sausage pizza with buffalo. So tons of local ingredients on it. It’s called the classic pizza. I love that pizza and I love a drink that’s been an iron fish classic for a good long time. Once again, a little spicy. It’s called the Wily e Coyote. It’s a gin cocktail with jalapeno syrup, cilantro, mint and some lime juice,” says Anderson.

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