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Family of MSU student killed in February shooting announces settlement with university

MSU shooting

The family of Michigan State University student Alexandria Verner, who was killed in the Feb. 13 campus shooting, announced a $5 million settlement with the university on Friday.

They released the following statement:

”This case was never about blaming Michigan State University for the tragic events of 2/13/23. From the outset the discussions with MSU General Counsel Brian Quinn centered around how MSU can support the Verner family moving forward beyond 2/13/23. The Verner family did not seek to blame MSU for the death of their daughter. Instead, the Verner family has sought answers as to how this could be prevented in the future.


“This case was also about promoting the legacy of Alex Verner.

“Alex Verner was an exceptional daughter, sister, student, friend, leader, and athlete.

“With this resolution, the Verner Family will be able to begin to heal and to promote the legacy of Alex so that Alex can act as an example for future students moving forward so they can attempt to mirror the example that Alex set in her short but impactful life. With this resolution, Michigan State University has afforded the Verner family the ability to not only increase Alex’s scholarship fund but has also assured that her legacy will continue for years to come.

“The Verner Family will make it their life’s work to make sure that the legacy of Alex Verner will never be forgotten and that her legacy will act as a lightning rod for change to prevent this from ever happening again.”

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