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Glen Arbor’s 3rd annual Strolling Lights Festival raises funds for local family

This year is the third annual Strolling Lights Festival in Glen Arbor that kicks off the holiday season here in Northern Michigan.

Twenty pre-lit trees will be displayed throughout the Crystal River Outfitters Recreational District to spread the holiday cheer. While this is certainly an event to bring the community together and cultivate joy, this year the tradition means something even more as the money raised will be going to Kelly Florip who is the lead buyer for the district.

“She is a ray of sunshine. She lights up every room. She walks in. And if anybody ever been in any of our stores, they’ll be able to see the amazing brands that we carry that always while stocked. The stores are always up to the customers’ expectations and beyond,” said Glen Arbor M22 Assistant Manager, Kait Springsdorf. “Kelly plays a huge part in that she is constantly making sure that our stores are looking the best that they can be. Unfortunately, earlier this year, she was diagnosed with her second round of cancer. So, we just wanted to be here for her as a community and be able to support her and her amazing family. So that is the cause that we will be donating to this year for this really nice festival.”


Anyone can sponsor a tree for the festival and decorate it to your liking. It’s $150 to enter a tree into the district for the festival and again, all proceeds will be going to Kelly Florip and her family to help support her as she fights through her second round of cancer.

If you aren’t interested in sponsoring a whole tree, you can also donate to the family at the community giving tree that will be downtown through the duration of the festival. You can view the trees downtown starting Nov. 25.

Learn more about the festival and how you can donate to the Florip family here.

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