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Suttons Bay Ciders takes home an international award from GLINTCAP competition

Eight years ago, Mark and Madelynn Korzon moved from downstate to Northern Michigan to start a new endeavor.

“After so many years, we were ready to do something different, you know, something that still could enable creativity and beauty and nature. And a buddy of mine owned Willow Vineyard just down at the end, just down below us. And we had thought, you know, that that sounds like kind of fun and we could be up here where the family residence is and do something different and exciting,” said Mark Korzon.

And that’s exactly what they did. But it took hard work to get where they are today.


Despite this gorgeous view, the place was for sale for several years. And I think it was a blessing in disguise because we were we were in the construction business. That was not a concern of ours particularly. And we bit the bullet, and we were able to transform and change this ugly house into a Cidery and opened it all up. We do production down below; we have a big storage barn we’re building down in the valley there. And we opened up eight years ago and it’s been growing nicely ever since,” Mark said.

In fact, it’s grown so nicely that Suttons Bay Ciders was awarded the top prize at the international competition GLINTCAP during Cider Week in Grand Rapids this year.

“We have a real interest in apples that are different than your typical eating apples and we grow English, French and early American apples. And one of the apples we grow and have access to as well from other farmers is a red fleshed apple. It’s an apple when you slice it open, it’s just a bright ruby red. And as you press that, it gives off a nice red, rosy color. And so, we use three parts, those red fleshed apples and one part of an old English apple to add some tannins to it. Tannins provide a real, real nice body and complexity to a cider. And sure enough, we entered and there were 17 or 18 other entries from all over the world, and we were fortunate to win it all,” said Mark.

But the best part about this special rosé is the story behind it.


“The name was chosen because our daughter’s name is Natalie Rose, and we thought, hey, that would be a perfect rosé named Natalie Rosé. But then Natalie had a baby the same month that the competition took place, which was May. And that baby is named Regan Rose. So, we have a Regan Rosé or a Regan rosette with just a little chip off the old block,” said Madelynn Korzon.

You can also expect a cozy and inviting atmosphere to go along with the award-winning cider.

“It’s kind of like coming to your backyard and hanging out, you know, with your friends. So, we enjoyed that. That was what we wanted to cultivate. Come for the View and stay for the cider. The view here is one of the best and it’s a really relaxed atmosphere. It’s not hard to hang out at all and try a flight of cider or a pint and then take some home and just keep on enjoying,” Madelynn said.

Suttons Bay Ciders hours:

  • Sunday-Thursday 12p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Friday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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