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Northern Lights and Northern Michigan landmarks focus of new business venture

TRAVERSE CITY -- Some people in the US, including here in Northern Michigan as well as other parts of the state, were able to see some pretty spectacular light shows over the weekend.

Peggy Zinn, a Traverse City native and the founder of the ‘Michigan Aurora Hunters’ is hoping to capitalize on all the buzz surrounding the Northern Lights and Northern Michigan locations

“I do get out there every chance I get. I’m probably one of the most diehard hunters out there because if the lights are out, I’m out,” said Zinn.


Zinn said the social media group she runs was a buzz all weekend with people talking about the spectacular light shows.

“Nonstop chatter everywhere. I got it here; I got it there. Is anybody seeing it here? Everybody’s been having a ball with it,” said Zinn.

Zinn said Michigan is a great spot to catch the Northern Lights.

“Normally you have to go to Iceland, Finland or some far away. But we have a unique pocket and that we have a dip that comes down over Michigan that allows the auroras to drop down lower over us than it does other places,” said Zinn.


She said another reason the Mitten State has an advantage for skygazing is because of all the lakes we have.

“Everywhere we have lake shores, there’s a wide, dark space around us. So, we have more space that’s dark than most other states,” said Zinn.

Zinn was out seeing it in person from Ludington. She said she chose that location because that was the only spot that was likely to have a big window without heavy cloud coverage.

“We drove down there, sat in the rain for an hour and a half in the car waiting for it to open up. And then it opened up for about an hour, hour and a half,” said Zinn.


Zinn said it was worth the wait.

“It was fantastic. It went from blues and greens to pumpkin, then to the brilliant red,” said Zinn.

Zinn said she hopes to share the amazing images with others, selling a variety of household items with images focusing on Michigan landmarks and lighthouses, with the Northern Lights in the backdrop.

“I’m trying to turn out some products like necklaces, wine glasses, shower curtains, and things like this. cutting boards and different household products that will be coming out before Christmas,” said Zinn.


She said they hope to sell the items online and in Michigan gift shops.

Zinn said even if you’ve seen one light show in Northern Michigan you haven’t seen them all.

“Each one is it’s unique as fingerprints and it has its own personality. It has its own mix of colors. It has its own way of moving. Sometimes it’s an arch, sometimes it’s the pillars that walk across the sky. Sometimes it’s just a mishmash of colors,” said Zinn.

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