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Eric Molitor’s attorney calls out Attorney General’s Office after jury reaches not guilty verdict for Molitor, Null Brothers

UPDATE 9/15/2023 5 p.m.

Day 17

After three years of legal battles, the reaction from family and friends of the defendants after the not guilty verdicts were read was a relief.


“I couldn’t be happier. I get to go home to my kids and that’s what I’ve wanted to do from the beginning,” Eric Molitor said.

Outside the courthouse after the three men were found not guilty, Bill Barnett, Molitor’s attorney, called out the Attorney General’s Office, saying the case was politically motivated and called the publicity the case received unfair to Molitor.

“This is a sad commentary on our government, and these poor people went through three years of a living hell and they’re not guilty,” Barnett said. “This should’ve never happened. These charges shouldn’t have been brought. I’m so thankful for the jury and the 18 people who sat through this case.”

He guess that the jury must have struggled with the FBI’s involvement and the lack of evidence showing that they were an active participant in the plot.


“The AG’s office, they’re obviously loaded for bear. It’s a political office. Think there was some politics involved in this. I think Mrs. Nessel should rethink what happened here. I think she should step aside if she’s going to put cases on the table,” Barnett said.

Molitor said regardless of what has happened or has been said over the past three years, he wants to get into politics to “do things the right way.”

“It’s been three years of having this weight bearing down on us. Not being able to get our side out. And just being direct here it’s been hard not just on me, my family my kids. Mike Null and Bill Null their family. This is just huge,” Molitor said.

The Attorney General’s Office put out a statement disappointed with the not guilty verdict, but pointed out that the case “sends a clear message that acts of domestic terrorism will not be tolerated in Michigan.”


The Null brothers and their attorney were not available for comment after the verdict was read.

UPDATE 9/15/2023 11 a.m.

Day 17

The jury in the Whitmer kidnapping trial has found Eric Molitor, Mike Null and William Null not guilty on charges of providing material support to an act of terrorism and felony firearm charges.


“A not guilty verdict on the plot to kidnap and kill Governor Whitmer in hopes of starting a civil war will further encourage and embolden radical extremists trying to sow discord and harm public officials or law enforcement,” said JoAnne Huls, chief of staff to Governor Whitmer.

“While today’s verdicts are not what we hoped for, the successes we have achieved throughout these cases, in both state and federal courts, sends a clear message that acts of domestic terrorism will not be tolerated in our state,” said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

We will have more information on this breaking story.

UPDATE 9/14/2023 5 p.m.

Day 16

The jury has begun deliberations in the final trial related to the plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer.

Eric Molitor and brothers Mike and William Null have spent the past 15 days on trial, accused of supporting an act of terrorism and felony firearm charges.

The jury was sent back for deliberations around 9:45 Thursday morning. Eight hours later we still don’t have a verdict.

Jurors are tasked with deciding if the state gave sufficient evidence that the defendants gave material support by providing themselves, physical assets, expert services or surveillance to support Adam Fox and Barry Croft in an act of terrorism. Jurors must also decide if the defendants provided that support while in possession of a firearm.

While there’s been no decision, jurors did ask a couple of questions. They asked for a transcript of testimony from Bill Null about what he was doing at the AMVETS parking lot just before the nighttime surveillance of the governor’s property.

The jury asked for clarification on the “mere presence law,” which says a defendant’s mere presence at the scene of a crime is not enough to prove they assisted in it.

Jury deliberations continue Friday.

UPDATE 9/13/2023 5:25 p.m.

Day 15

Closing arguments have wrapped up and the jury has started deliberations in the final trial in the plot to kidnap the governor.

Defendants William Null and Eric Molitor took the stand in the final days of the trial hoping to convince a jury of their peers that they weren’t fully aware they were helping the plot leaders, while Michael Null declined to testify.

In the state’s closing arguments they pointed to evidence they showed that they say proved the defendants, Molitor and the Null brothers, helped plot leaders Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. plan a terrorist attack.

The state said that Molitor and William Null lied to the jury during their testimony, while the defense called out the FBI and the state saying they misrepresented evidence in order to convict innocent men.

The defense said the state did not prove the defendants had intent, saying their presence alone does not mean they provided material support.

Molitor’s defense said Molitor never took the oath to join the group and pointed to a message of Fox saying Molitor isn’t down for anything extreme.

“Mr. Molitor was at one point behind Adam Fox. There’s nothing that says he talking anything crazy in June. He’s 100% behind it, his ideology, his thinking that it’s okay to be prepared, to be a prepper to be prepared in case something happens,” Bill Barnett, Molitor’s defense attorney said.

Defense attorneys for the Null brothers said the brothers were left out of a number of key meetings and weren’t included in the operators group chat. They also pointed out the lack of evidence of what exactly the Null brothers did to help during the night time surveillance.

The prosecution followed up telling the jury the Null brothers actually had the most in-person contact with Fox and Croft Jr. than any other subjects in the case, and pointed to the audio of the ride up tot he night time surveillance where he said he was up to do recon despite testifying he didn’t know about the plot at the time.

The state also doubted Molitor’s testimony when he said he was scared of the plot, pointing to him providing his radio frequency detector to Fox and his attempt to recruit more people to the plot after finding out about the plan during the daytime surveillance.

“All the defendants here hated our government. This gets back to motive. And all the defendants here hated police officers, they thought police officers were the enemy and they were willing to go to war with them,” Assistant Attorney General Bill Rollstin said.

The day ended following the state’s redirect as the jury begins deliberations Thursday.

UPDATE 9/12/2023 4:30 p.m.

Day 14

William Null was back on the stand Tuesday as the state’s cross exam continued.

On Monday, Null testified he wasn’t part of surveilling Governor Whitmer’s property and didn’t know about the plot until the following day. But prosecutors showed the jury new evidence of audio recordings following Null’s arrest where he admitted to knowing about the plot beforehand.

The defense shifted focus back on former FBI informant Steve Robeson, who was arrested for acting as a double agent, saying Null knew about the plot but didn’t take it seriously until learning Robeson was involved.

Prosecutors doubted Null’s testimony, pointing to group chats following the nighttime surveillance where he said the group was “at war” and called cops “terrorists.”

Audio recordings were also examined of the Founding Fathers meeting in Ohio where Null was introduced to plot leaders Barry Croft and Adam Fox. Null said he went to network, but was recorded talking about the governor’s vacation home and about taking hostages.

Mike Null’s defense waived their opening statement and rested their case. Attorneys ended the day going over jury instructions ahead of closing arguments on Wednesday.

UPDATE 9/11/2023 5:20 p.m.

Day 13

The trial for the last defendants charged for their role in the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot continues for its third week.

Eric Molitor, as well as the Michael and William Null, face years behind bars if convicted for providing material support for an act of terror. For more than two weeks, the jury has listened to arguments from both sides as they prepare to make a verdict.

Following two days of testimony from Molitor, another defendant took the stand Monday, once again claiming he had little knowledge of the plot.

Bill Null testified Monday, telling jurors he didn’t take plot leader Adam Fox seriously, and said he cut ties when he found out the plot was real. His testimony took aim at FBI informants and agents saying they played a major role in leading meetings and the field training exercises.

Null claimed a former FBI informant that has since been convicted for acting as a double agent, Steve Robeson, lead the Founding Fathers meeting in Ohio that the state says was when the plot was introduced. And despite text messages showing Fox saying the Null brothers were on board, Null testified that he never had a one-on-one meeting with Fox.

Null said he didn’t do anything to assist during the night time surveillance and said he left the group when he found out the plot was real during the circle of trust meeting the following morning.

Prosecutors crossed by pointing out audio from the car ride up where Fox speaks in detail with William Null about the plan, including donating money for explosives to blow up the Elk River Bridge.

Null, in an attempt to prove he is pro-police, testified that he had a good relationship with a downstate sheriff. However, the state presented evidence from Null’s Facebook page that called out police and their supporters as well as calling that sheriff a tyrant.

The day wrapped up before the state finished their cross examination, so we can expect more of that and redirect from the defense in the following days of the trial

UPDATE 9/8/2023 5:30 p.m.

Day 12

Attorneys weren’t able to get to closing arguments on Friday, nor were the attorneys for the Null brothers able to present their case as testimony from Eric Molitor continued with the state pointing out inconsistencies in his testimony.

Despite Molitor saying he wasn’t a medic for the group, he did admit to acting as a medic during their Luther field training exercise and brought up testimony Molitor gave earlier where he said he met Adam Fox while teaching a class on how to treat gunshot and knife wounds.

The state presented new evidence of the interview he gave after his arrest where he admitted to providing his radio frequency detector to Fox and actually planned to recruit his cousin into the group. Molitor said that despite being scared at the beginning of the daytime surveillance, he said he didn’t think Fox was serious after the fact, which is why he attended the field training in Luther two weeks later.

During his testimony, Molitor also said he believed the resources the FBI provided allowed the plot to move further than it would have otherwise.

On Monday, the Null brother’s attorneys will present their case before the trial goes into closing arguments.

UPDATE 9/7/2023 5:20 p.m.

Day 11

As the final trial in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer begins to wind down, defense attorneys for Eric Molitor began presenting their case in a final effort to prove his innocence.

Prosecutors spent the past 10 days presenting evidence and witness testimony showing just how Eric Molitor and the Null brothers, William and Michael Null, provided material support to plot leader Adam Fox, and on Thursday the defense tried to reverse that.

Molitor’s defense took the whole day laying out their case of Molitor’s innocence. The day started with character witness testimony from a friend and Molitor’s mother, along with Molitor testifying on his own behalf, spending nearly the whole day on the witness stand.

In his testimony, Molitor said he had only met Fox once before the daytime surveillance in August. He said he took the video of the governor’s vacation home because he was scared.

He said he went to the following Luther field training exercise in September to work on weapons and self-defense skills and brought his radio frequency detector to show it off. He said he was trying to gather evidence against Fox before going to police before he was arrested in October.

“After a month of not hearing anything, one of my reasons for staying in contact was if I heard anything then I would be able to go to the police. So he gets ahold of me a month later and I’m like, alright, let’s get some information. So I did push a little harder. I said things I particularly wouldn’t have to try and get more information out of him,” Molitor said.

Testimony from Molitor continues Friday as the prosecution will also get their chance for cross examination.

The Null brothers attorneys will get a chance to present their case Thursday, and we could see closing arguments made.

UPDATE 9/6/2023 5:10 p.m.

Day 10

The state rested their case in the final trial in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer as they called their final three witnesses Wednesday, laying out their last pieces of evidence.

Jurors heard witness testimony from the head of Governor Whitmer’s security detail as well as the Elk Rapids Chief of Police and an undercover agent known as Undercover Red.

However, the day didn’t end there as the defense filed a motion just after lunch of a directed verdict seeking an acquittal saying there isn’t enough evidence for a jury to decide.

The defense said the state did not prove through evidence or testimony that the defendants provided the main threat streams: Adam Fox, Barry Croft Jr. or the Wolverine Watchmen material’s like equipment, money training or housing in a way to support an act of terrorism.

They say participating in training exercises is not providing material support and said there wasn’t enough evidence provided that the defendants knew exactly what was going on or if the Null brothers did anything to further the plot during surveillance.

In the state’s response they said the defendants didn’t participate in the surveillance on accident. They pointed a chat that Adam Fox sent saying the Null brothers were on board after meeting with Bill Null.

They also downplayed Eric Molitor’s claim of innocence, pointing to the radio frequency detector he provided Fox.

“It would have been a horrific event on par with some of the greatest domestic terrorism acts that we’ve witnessed. I mean they knew what they were doing in Cambria and they knew that because Bill was down in Dublin and Bill and Mike are tied at the hip,” Bill Rollstin, the assistant attorney general, said.

“While the People do believe that the June 6 Dublin, Ohio meeting counts towards the general umbrella of the plot that was far too back in time to count towards this plot. The plot had developed quite a bit since June 6 all the way up to September 12,” Kristyna Nunzio, the Null’s defense attorney, said.

The judge denied the motion of both acquittals.

The defense will call witnesses of their own, including Eric Molitor and his mother on Thursday.

UPDATE 9/5/2023 5:25 p.m.

Day 9

The final trial in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer has gone into its third week as Eric Molitor and brothers William and Michael Null are charged with providing material support for an act of terrorism and felony firearm for their alleged role in the plot.

On Tuesday, members of the jury heard witness testimony from a man known as CHS Dan, who the defense said played a big role in gathering evidence for the case, and whose involvement has been a source of controversy as the defense feels he may have overstepped his duties.

The defense continued to question the payments he received from the FBI and whether the army vet advanced the plot further with the training he provided the group.

CHS Dan testified that he went to law enforcement after members on the Wolverine Watchmen Facebook page shared addresses of police officers to kill them.

He said that in his initial meeting with the FBI, they told him he couldn’t break the law or advance their plot any further. However, the defense claimed he initiated ideas pointing out previous testimony CHS Dan gave where he told the group they should fire a round through the governor’s vacation home to send a message.

Dan told the jury he was trying to de-escalate other members of the group who he said wanted to do worse.

“It was Ty Garbins suggestion about putting a round through her window,” Dan said. “Compared to what Adam wanted to do, killing the governor. Me saying ‘like Ty said in Ohio, let’s put a round through her window.’ I don’t feel like I’m furthering his plan. I’m pulling him back to a de-escalation platform.”

CHS Dan testified that Molitor and the Nulls went to the Luther training exercise and agreed to join the plan to kidnap the governor.

On Wednesday, prosecutors will be calling three people to the stand, including an undercover agent and the Elk Rapids chief of police.

UPDATE 9/1/2023 5:30 p.m.

Day 8

Witness testimony from one of the undercover agents continued Friday as the defense also got their chance at cross examination in day eight of the final trial in the alleged plot to kidnap the governor.

The prosecution had their sights set on the Null brothers for much of the day Friday as witness testimony from an undercover agent on the case, known as Undercover Mark, went over evidence from the Luther training exercise and night time surveillance, where he was the driver for the brothers.

Prosecutors first played audio recordings for the jury of the Null Brothers driving from the Luther training exercise with plot leader Adam Fox and Undercover Mark. In the tapes, Fox tells the Null Brothers his plan with the Null Brothers agreeing to do recon and making comments about where they would like to kill the governor.

The defense argued the audio recordings lacked context and in their cross examination began poking holes in the evidence. They pointed out what Undercover Mark knew and didn’t know, raising issue with the photos the FBI provided of the governor’s mansion on Mackinac Island as well as how much of the night time surveillance was planned by the FBI.

Despite some controversy over the prosecutions re-direct of the defense’s cross examination, prosecutors did attempt to reassure jurors of Bill Null and Eric Molitor’s involvement in the plot.

The trial will continue Tuesday due to Labor Day.

UPDATE 8/31/2023 5:40 p.m.

Day 7

The last three men to be tried in the plot to kidnap the governor were back in court Thursday as cross examination of the lead investigator in the case continued.

On Wednesday, the defense continued their push for a mistrial. And on Thursday, they pointed out the unfairness in the prosecution’s evidence and the extent of the FBI’s involvement.

Eric Molitor’s attorney took the first half of the day to go over evidence that he feels the prosecution misrepresented as well as the role the FBI played in the plot. He claimed an FBI informant known as CHS Dan provided the group with military training and told them to send shells or shoot the governor’s home to send a message.

The defense also pointed out an encrypted group chat with CHS Dan, Eric Molitor and plot leader Adam Fox where Fox told Molitor they wouldn’t be doing anything extreme after Molitor showed discomfort for the plan.

The prosecution followed up with a few questions of their own, including a final piece of evidence for the lead investigator to review. They played an audio recording of Molitor showing Adam Fox and CHS Dan how to use his radio frequency detector, and they also explained how CHS Dan came up with training exercises.

“Anything that was requested had to come from the commander of the Wolverine Watchmen, so Joe Morrison and Paul Bellar were the ones who would create the itineraries and give direction and Dan would come to me and tell me that he would been tasked to do some particular training and I would tell him generally speaking you can do what’s on YouTube,” Henrick Inpola, the lead investigator, said.

The day ended with witness testimony from an undercover agent known as Undercover Mark.

Undercover Mark gave testimony that he saw Molitor using his radio frequency detector at the Luther training exercise. Undercover Mark will be back on the witness stand Friday with more witness testimony.

UPDATE 8/30/2023 5:30 p.m.

Day 6

With witness testimony from the lead investigator complete the defense started their cross examination Wednesday in the final trial of the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Eric Molitor and Mike and Bill Null are the final three men to be tried for felony firearm charges and providing material for an act of terrorism.

Cross examination didn’t get started until around 11 a.m. Wednesday as the day got started with a little drama between the attorneys, the court and a local filmmaker who provided video to the attorneys of an interview they did with Eric Molitor where he talked about his knowledge of the plot and discontent toward the governor and an FBI informant.

The defense said they did not receive the video in a timely manner and requested another mistrial.

“The jury has been sworn in, we’ve wasted all this time to have this happen and to create an unfair playing field for my client. It’s irreparable the harm that’s happened,” Bill Barnett, Molitor’s defense attorney, said.

At the end of the day Tuesday, the prosecutor played video of Molitor appearing to admit to knowing about the plot before taking video of her vacation home. However, the defense argued it was taken out of context and played an extended version of that same clip Wednesday.

“How do you say no to somebody not knowing how far they’re willing to go to keep quiet. I don’t know him, I don’t know Dan at all. If I need to take a video to get home to my kids, I’ll do it again,” Molitor said in the video.

The defense asked for a mistrial due to how the video was edited and because they say they didn’t receive it in a timely manner. All evidence for the case was supposed to be turned over to the defense by Aug. 7. However, the local filmmaker who conducted the interview shared the video with attorney’s on Aug. 20. The prosecutor argued they both received the video at the same time giving both sides a fair opportunity to review the video.

“So Mr. Barnett is not a victim here. He has not been treated shadily or unfairly, and I resist his temptation to try and accuse us of improper conduct,” Bill Rollstin, the prosecutor, said.

The judge rejected the request for a mistrial saying there wasn’t irreparable harm done as cross examination got started with the Null Brothers attorney establishing what the Nulls knew and didn’t know as they claim they weren’t at key leader meetings, including a meeting where leaders talked about the feasibility of the plan.

The day ended with cross examination from Molitor’s attorney who pointed to the FBI’s involvement throughout the case and a chat where plot leader Adam Fox asked if Molitor was in on the plan to kidnap the governor after the day time surveillance, something the prosecution says Molitor committed to before hand.

Molitor’s attorney went back and forth with the lead investigator over who the medic for the group was as well as the specs of a radio frequency detector found in Molitor’s possession and whether it actually put agents and informants in danger.

Cross examination from Molitor’s attorney continues Thursday as the defense hopes to poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

UPDATE 8/29/2023 4:20 p.m.

Day 5

Witness testimony wrapped up Tuesday with the prosecution going over their last bits of evidence from the Luther training exercise and night time surveillance of the governor’s property near Elk Rapids. But much like Monday, the defense raised issue with how the evidence is being presented and hinted toward another request for a mistrial.

Defense attorneys continued their objections early Tuesday morning as prosecutors said Eric Molitor put undercover agents and informants at risk with his radio frequency detector. The defense claimed the prosecution mislead the jury saying Molitor never used the device himself.

“I don’t know what else to do but to stop this from happening like we did yesterday, I pointed out their mistakes and it happened again today. And it’s adding up. It’s unfair, it’s creating an unfair trial for Mr. Molitor as well,” Bill Barnett, Molitor’s defense attorney, said.

The state continued to present its evidence, going over a timeline of a September 2020 training exercise in Luther attended by the defendants. They also looked at the night time surveillance with the Null brothers as well as evidence from a group chat on Bill Null’s phone.

“We are at war now. We have been. I don’t see how things will ever get better without blood shed, no matter who wins this election they won’t go by the constitution,” Henrick Inpola, the lead investigator of the case, said in one recording.

Inpola said the training in Luther happened in the same span as the night time surveillance of the governor’s vacation home. He said the training went beyond any local militia training exercise as militia members from across the country took part.

“I love Adam to death man but he gets excited too easily. We’ve got slow down and keep this s- quiet. This isn’t some little thing that’s mentioned. Can it be done, of course but not yet. Maybe through the process another idea may become more feasible. Who knows this s- is fluid if done right,” Inpola said in another recording.

Inpola said after the surveillance and finding out the Wolverine Watchmen’s plan to build and sell ghost guns they couldn’t let the group move forward with the additional training exercise they planned for October.

“And they had manufactured them already and we’re getting ready to sell them and we can’t let guns walk. Or we can’t give weapons that can harm somebody so it was too dangerous to continue in and wait until the plan explosified,” Inpola said.

The defense has maintained Molitor didn’t know he was part of a plot to kidnap the governor. However, prosecutors wrapped witness testimony with the lead investigator Tuesday playing a short video clip of an interview Molitor gave where he said he knew what was going on. The defense said the video was taken out of context, and they will begin cross examination Wednesday.

UPDATE 8/28/2023 5:10 p.m.

Day 4

The final three men to be tried in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer at her vacation home were back in court Monday with prosecutors continuing to lay out their case against them.

Eric Molitor and brothers Mike and William Null are facing felony fire arm charges and providing material support for an act of terrorism.

Week two began with the judge shooting down two requests for a mistrial after defense attorneys say the prosecution violated the defendants due process by adding law enforcement to the victim’s list and a mistake the prosecution made while presenting evidence.

The judge rejected the first request saying there is no undue surprise to assume that law enforcement could be a possible victim and had the prosecutors re-introduce the piece of evidence played out of order.

And despite interruptions throughout the day prosecutors were still able to present messages from the Null brothers ready to “go to war” as well as audio recordings of Eric Molitor and plot leader Adam Fox during the daytime surveillance of the governor’s vacation home.

The defense maintains that Molitor did not know about the plot until after the daytime surveillance, but records from Molitor’s phone show Google searches he made to find the governor’s vacation home.

Day five will be another day of testimony from the lead investigator as cross examination isn’t expected until Wednesday.

UPDATE 8/25/2023 5:30 p.m.

Day 3

Day three of the final trial to kidnap the governor is complete.

The day started with more witness testimony from the lead investigator along with a little back and forth between the prosecutor and defense attorneys. The defense continued to raise issue with the evidence saying they didn’t receive it in a timely matter and said some videos were edited deceptively.

Recordings from the prosecution placed Bill Null at a meeting discussing political violence with militia leaders around the country, including convicted plot leaders Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr.

The state also played recordings from a meeting in the basement of a vacuum store in Grand Rapids where Adam Fox discussed plans to attack Governor Gretchen Whitmer with the Wolverine Watchmen.

Prosecutors tied Eric Molitor and the Null brothers to that meeting in Grand Rapids as audio from the meeting has Fox mentioning he had a medic named Eric and said the Null brothers were willing to die for the cause.

“The Null brothers, they’re with Michigan Liberty,” Fox said on the recording. “Mike, Bill Null came. Bill and Mike Null there with Michigan Liberty. Bill came, but Mike didn’t. But they’re the Null brothers and I have a lot of faith they’re a lot like us. They’re ready to step up like they’re willing to die for this if need be. They don’t want to die in vain though, they want to die for the cause.”

Prosecutors also showed a group chat with Eric Molitor in it that showed Adam Fox telling his plan to kidnap “high profile scum.”

Week two of the trial will begin on Monday with more witness testimony as prosecutors continue to lay out their case.

8/24/2023 5 p.m.

Day 2

Day two of the final trial to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer is in the books as prosecutors used the day to begin laying out their evidence. Prosecutors used witness testimony from the lead investigator in the case as he explained how the defendants were tied to the plot.

Prosecutors spent day two looking at phone records as well as Facebook posts and messages, slowly painting a picture of the defendants ideology and involvement in the plot.

The lead investigator on the case, Agent Henrick Inpola, gave testimony of his findings, including messages between Eric Molitor and plot leader Adam Fox that shows Molitor’s willingness to join Fox’s civilian army and eventual plot to kidnap the governor.

They also pointed to anti-government and anti-police memes from the Null brothers’ phones and also tied their involvement to the Michigan Liberty Militia to the Wolverine Watchmen’s founders and fellow plotter’s Joe Morrison, Joe Musico and Shawn Fix.

“The wolverine watchmen frequently referenced the Michigan Liberty Militia. Joe Morrison had stated that he had met with the Null brothers before so I learned of them while monitoring the Wolverine Watchmen through CHS Dan,” Inpola said.

The defense has raised issue with the prosecutions evidence as they have filed objections for 343 of the 344 exhibits of evidence saying it’s not relevant to the case.

There will be more testimonies from the prosecution on Friday.

8/23/2023 6 p.m.

Day 1

Eric Molitor from Cadillac and brother Bill and Michael Null from West Michigan began their trial in Antrim County Wednesday for material support for an act of terrorism.

Attorneys have delivered their opening statements Wednesday in the final trial of the three men who attempted to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The statements included back and forth claims on the men’s actual involvement in the plot actually was.

Prosecutors told the jury that all three men trained and provided support to leaders of the plot, Adam Fox and Barry Croft. The prosecutors said that the Null Brothers and Molitor took part in training exercises for the action and in surveillance of the governor’s home.

In addition, the prosecutors claim that Fox and Molitor were friends.

The defense countered back by arguing neither Molitor or the Null Brothers knew they were working to kidnapping the governor, and claimed an FBI informant provided training and transportation to the governor’s home.

“Bill Null has a healthy mistrust of the government and that alone is not a crime and he’s a firm believer in his second amendment rights not only to bear arms but for a well regulated militia, the defense said. “Being apart of a well regulated militia is not a crime,” Defense Attorney Kristyna Nunzio said.

The defense claimed politics have played role in the case. The judge pointed out that entrapment arguments would not be allowed moving forward as both sides begin to present their evidence.

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