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Big Year for Tourism: Ludington Mayor, Business Have High Expectations After Pandemic

‘It’s going to be a summer of celebration,’ Mark Barnett Ludington Mayor

Memorial Day weekend and the kickoff to summer is finally here and Ludington is already filling back up with tourists.

Experts say Northern Michigan can expect a big year for tourism, and for some businesses in Ludington they hope to have their biggest year since 2020.

“We’re really looking forward to this weekend,” says Doug Holmes, Owner of Keeper’s Fish Shack. “We’re already seeing some tourist come into town so we’re pretty excited about this weekend.”


Tourists are expected to make their return to Northern Michigan after the pandemic kept a lot of people home over the past three years. Ludington’s Mayor, Mark Barnett, says they’re excited and optimistic for this summer.

“I just think people are ready to get out. We’re certainly looking forward to an extraordinary summer season this year,” Barnett predicts

Northern Michigan businesses are also looking forward to an extraordinary year, especially businesses like Keeper’s Fish Shack in Ludington which opened three years ago during the pandemic. Keeper’s Fish Shack is run by Doug and his son Carson Holmes. Carson says they hope to see all their hard work they put in over the pandemic pay off.

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“Everything with the pandemic and how it’s slowing down, we’ll hopefully see tourists getting out more and making their way to Ludington,” Carson hopes.


Mayor Barnett says they’re excited for businesses to finally get a chance to experience tourism in Northern Michigan at its full potential.

“Certainly, the ones who have opened up post pandemic or mid-pandemic have an opportunity to see what business is really like in Ludington,” Barnett states.

Mayor Barnett says he’s excited for another summer season and to see all the tourists make their return to Northern Michigan.

“[We’re] just really excited about the enthusiasm. People are ready to go and area ready to keep their vacation plans,” Barnett says.


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