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Crystal Mountain, Ferris State University Enter ‘First-of-its-Kind’ Partnership Agreement

‘If we can keep bulldogs in the community, we’re a better community.’ Dr. Bill Pink, Ferris State University President

Ferris State University and Crystal Mountain have partnered up for what they say is a first of its kind agreement that could leave a big impact on the region.

The partnership is a first of it’s kind for the university. The agreement will give students hands on experience, and employees at Crystal access to more training and educational programs at Ferris.

The CEO of Crystal Mountain, John Melcher, says the new agreement won’t just benefit Crystal and Ferris, but the whole state, especially Northern Michigan.

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“There’s so much overlap between [Ferris and Crystal] as far as what we do and what they’re training their students on. Certainly, a lot of opportunity to work together and really benefit everybody,” Melcher admits.

The new agreement will benefit students in a variety of programs at Ferris. Students in the hospitality, golf management, HVAC, IT and human resource programs at Ferris will be able to get hands on experience at Crystal Mountain.

“I see students at Ferris State not only getting internship opportunities, I see many students finding a great employer in Crystal Mountain where they can go work and make a good living,” Ferris State University President Dr. Bill Pink predicts. “It keeps those students in Northern Michigan.”

Dr. Pink says the new agreement will benefit both groups by creating a pipeline between Crystal and Ferris which he says will have a lasting impact on the region.


“Now we’re retaining folks in the state, now they’re staying in Michigan. They’re staying in our region and they’re making a difference right here in Northern Michigan and I’m excited about that,” Dr. Pink says.

They say there are still something they have to get in order this summer, but hope to have students beginning internships by the end of the summer.

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