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People Hit the Slopes For What Could Be Their Last Chance of the Season

‘They close next weekend so this is my last day, and let me tell you, you couldn’t have had a better day,’ Laurie Johnson Skier at Crystal Mountain

With all the snow we got Saturday, ski hills in Northern Michigan were packed with riders.

People were out at Crystal Mountain Sunday taking advantage of the recent snow and hitting the slopes for what could be their final chance of the year. One skier at Crystal Mountain Sunday, Laurie Johnson, says she was surprised by all the snow we got so late in the season.

“I’m back out this is it, this is the last day and they close next weekend, so this is it for anybody,” Johnson predicts.

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Despite some tough weather this winter Crystal Mountain has been able to stay open all season. Crystal’s Public Relations Manager, Brittney Buti Primeau, says they’ve actually had a couple days that saw a record number of skiers this season.

“You never know what you’re going to get from Mother Nature in Northern Michigan anytime of the year. We will take a spring snowstorm anytime all the way up to April 2, which is our last day of skiing and riding,” Buti Primeau admits.

And although their is one weekend left the recent snow brought hundreds out for one final hoo-rah.

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“When it snow and you think you’re done for the year you come back out and what a blast. It’s been great here, groomed hill I think everybody came out to Crystal to ski today. It’s been awesome,” Johnson states.


And while there is still a little time left to get out on the slopes they say you’re going to want to come out sooner rather than later. Crystal Mountain’s final day of the season is April 2.

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