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Traverse City Pot Shops Ready for Recreational Marijuana

“Little nerves. Everybody’s got a little nervous, but yeah, we’re excited.” – Arrington McCarty

Traverse City’s first recreational marijuana shops are just days away from opening.

The city already granted adult-use permits to six businesses in city limits earlier this month. That includes all of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries. And the clerk’s office said at the time that 11 of the 16 were ready for state inspections.

That is already happening and now four stores have passed those inspections are and ready to sell recreationally. That includes the Nirvana Center, Cloud Cannabis, House of Dank, and Puff. They’ve been busy ordering those new products and preparing to stock the shelves.


PUFF General Manager Arrington McCarty says, “we’re going to have everybody all hands on deck. So we’ve got a lot of people that have been in training. We’ve got a lot more interview and getting ready to hire. We’re going to have as many people as possible ready. We’ve got all of our original staff. We’ve had a pretty good loyal crew for a few years now, so they all know what they’re doing, just getting them into place and making sure that they’re over watching the rest.”

Both Puff and House of Dank say they expect to be open for recreational sales on morning.

Arrington says, “we’re expecting adult use here in the next week. Monday’s I expect opening day. So we’ve been ready. The city’s ready. We’re getting calls about 100, 150 calls a day. So everybody’s excited. We’re excited.”

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