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Inside The Kitchen at Bubbie’s Bagels in Traverse City

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The turn-around is quick at Bubbie’s Bagels in Traverse City.

“There’s constantly fresh bagels coming out,” owner Sam Brickman said.

He said it’s a routine on repeat pretty much every five minutes in the morning.

“So this is a process that’s very specific to bagels, there’s not really a lot of other breads that are boiled before they’re baked,” he said.

Bubbie’s Bagels offers about 10 different kinds, including plain, sesame, poppy, onion, everything, cinnamon raison, black pepper parmesan, caraway rye and salt stick.

They also have plenty of classic and seasonal house-whipped cream cheeses.

“We have our plain cream cheese, veggie cream cheese scallion, smoked salmon, lox cream cheese, jalapeño cream cheese,” he said.

That means endless opportunities for bagel sandwiches.

“We have a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich called the Nosh, we have a smoked salmon sandwich called the Supernova, we have a veggie sandwich that’s called the Bubbie’s Garden, and then we have a tuna melt that’s called the tuna schmelt,” he laughed.

It all started with Sam making bagels for the farmers market as a one-man band in 2019.

But the inspiration came long before that.

“Bubbie’s is kind of an homage to my childhood food memories,” he said.

Bubbie is the Yiddish word for grandma.

“She was a force in the kitchen, she was always very strict about how you did things, and so I think I learned my standards from that and then definitely apply that to what we do here,” he said.

Honoring his special relationship with his grandmother, and his customers’ relationship with their grandmothers, with every sandwich served up.

“I think she’d be very proud, very happy, it’s it’s definitely, I think, a cool thing to be able to honor her memory and to just serve up some really good old-school Jewish food,” he said.

You can find Bubbie’s Bagels at 1215 E Front Street, or call them at 231-252-3587.

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