Traverse City DDA Discusses Leasing Outdoor Seating to Restaurants

Tc Traverse DdaThe Downtown Development Authority in Traverse City met Friday to discuss adding curbside seating setups for restaurants.

The DDA discussed purchasing platform cafe’s and leasing them to businesses downtown. The platform cafes would cost the DDA $30,000 and would feature a ramp for wheelchair access. They would lease them to businesses as a more affordable option for outdoor dining.

CEO of the DDA, Jean Derenzy, says they got great feedback when they offered outdoor dining during the pandemic. They hope this would be a win for locals tourists and the businesses.

“More vibrancy for downtown. It’s all about the experience when it comes to a downtown. It adds that component to it and trying to help the restaurants as we move forward in `22 and `23,” Derenzy says.

And although the DDA didn’t make a decision Friday, they hope to have a decision by December.