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DNR Explains Details Behind Manistee Salmon Poaching

Tuesday, DNR officers were foot patrolling the Manistee River when an angler confronted then and reported that a group of individuals were using illegal gear to catch fish. The officers then observed the group as they were snagging Salmon and proceeded to make contact with the group.

There were six individuals from out-of-state that took responsibility for snagging the fish. The officers also learned during the group interview, that there were coolers inside the vehicle containing more salmon, that were already filleted.

The DNR points out what type of gear you cannot use.

“There’s no weighted lures where there’s weight permanently attached, and any lead you use or weight to use for fishing, has to be above the hook and not attached to the hook or below the hook.” says Sgt. Grant Emery of the DNR Law Enforcement Division,  “It’s a win win, we caught the bad guys. But then we get it to somebody that actually can use it and it doesn’t go to waste.”

The group faces over $4,000 in restitution.