The Impact of a Trump Visit on Michigan Politics

Former President Donald Trump was in Michigan this weekend rallying for the Republican ticket. Will his influence be enough to get the GOP some big wins?

Trump had already endorsed the top of the ticket, Tudor Dixon for governor, Matt DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state, but polling shows not all his supporters are following him to line up behind Dixon.Trump Visit Reax Pkg 10 3 2200 00 20 18still001

A rally and in-person show of support may help.

The clock is ticking. There’s less than 40 days to go until Election Day  and absentee ballots have already been sent out. Trump visited Michigan this weekend in full support of the Republican ticket. It remains to be seen if his supporters also support that ticket

Thousands of supporters made their way to Warren Saturday to see the former president. He was there to give a boost to candidates, specifically Dixon, who’s trailing Governor Gretchen Whitmer in all polls.

“She’s part of a crew across the country that’s struggling despite the fact that they have the Trump endorsement,” said John Sellek, founder of Harbor Strategic, “So what they’ve decided to do is make sure they take advantage of every single bit of it that they can and see if that’s enough to pull some voters across.”

Trump’s supporters are mainly grassroots Republicans, patriots they call themselves, and many don’t align with Dixon’s more establishment backing. It showed in some messaging.

“I want you to give an applause for Donald Trump,” said DePerno at the rally, “Who helped overturn Roe v Wade.”

“They’re cozying up to President Trump,” said Sellek, “He gave the endorsement. They want to show that they are loyal and continue to have his support no matter they win or lose.”

Abortion being an issue Republicans seem to be losing, some still tout strong opposition while Dixon tries to soften her stance.

“It’s on the ballot, it shouldn’t be an issue for the gubernatorial race,” Dixon said at the rally.

Most of Trump’s speech was about his work and teasing towards another run in 2024 and the possible impact that decision would have this November.

“We might just have to do it again,” said Trump, “I think you’re going to be really happy.”

“I think most of the GOPers were hoping he would delay that issue, until after Election Day,” said Sellek, “Him entering the race officially, would certainly put him right at the top of the feeding frenzy.”

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