Michigan Court of Appeals to Hear Arguments on Traverse City Tall Buildings, FishPass Project

Two contentious issues that have been plaguing Traverse City leaders will now be heard before the State Court of Appeals.

The proposed FishPass project, designed to keep invasive species out of the waterways, has been on hold since groundbreaking was set to begin at Union Street Dam Park.

A city resident argued that altering the parkland required a vote of residents under the City Charter, and in Feb. of last year, a judge agreed.

The city says it’s not officially parkland, and that FishPass doesn’t alter the use of the space.

The issue will go before a Court of Appeals next month.

At the same time, the Court of Appeals will hear arguments in the ongoing debate over tall buildings.

The group “Save Our Downtown” sued the city, and won a court ruling back in Nov. because it claims the city approves some buildings taller than 60-feet without a public vote.

The issue is largely focused on whether the 60-foot mark is measured at the tallest part of the building itself, or whether add-ons like patios, elevator control shafts or heating and cooling units should be counted as part of the building height.

That issue goes to the Court of Appeals in October.