Get Your Polka On at the Cedar Polka Festival!

The 40th annual Cedar Polka Festival is happening this weekend!

Filled with Polish music, polka dancing, cultural food, and games– nearly 10,000 people come to Cedar to enjoy the fun!

Food vendors will be serving beer, ribs, hot dogs, popcorn, lots of Polish food, and so much more. Guests can roam the farmers market and craft fair filled with local vendors.

The most popular event happening is the Run 4 The Kielbasaa four mile run and a new tradition that was started last year. The run ends with a pancake breakfast for all participants. All runners, walkers, and strollers are welcome! And you can’t miss the parade on Saturday!

This four day event will be held from Thursday August 25th – Sunday August 28th.

For details on admission, CLICK HERE. For a schedule of events, CLICK HERE.

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