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Gaylord Ready for 2022 Alpenfest Despite May Tornado

Pavillion On Court

The 57th Alpenfest in Gaylord is a week full of fun activities for everyone.

Businesses and volunteers are getting ready for the large crowds that are anticipated to come.

“We had record crowds here last year, and we’re anticipating even more people this year, joining us in the fun and activities, here at the festival,” says 2022 Alpen Fest chairman, Ken Mattei.

Mattei has been working with the Alpenfest for 10 years now. He’s been very active in the community, once serving as the chamber chairman.

“Alpenfest is a combination of a lot of fun, a lot of memories, and a lot of good times,” he says. “Being with the your friends, family, and folks that travel up to northern Michigan to enjoy the Gaylord area.”

Mattei spent Monday helping to set up the finishing touches to the Pavillion on Court where there will be LIVE entertainment along with food and other vendors.

Just next door, CRAVE pizza restaurant is preparing for a constant stream of diners, as is the case in years past.

“People have nicknames for it, but honestly, it’s just getting through it, making sure you’re prepped up enough, stuff like that,” says manager,Stacey Kosch. “But it definitely is the busiest time of year.”

They’ll be creating ready-to-go meals of cheese and pepperoni pizza and cheese bread.

A few doors down, Snowbelt Brewing Co. is also preparing for the non-stop customers, too busy to keep track of all the foot traffic they receive.

“You make your money in the summer months and then the winter months it depends on the snow,” says owner, Angelina Mullenberg. “Your locals definitely carry you through- people kind of just traveling around. But yes, your summer months, Alpenfast, 4th of July, the entire month of July is a super busy.”

Mullenberg has owned Snowbelt for six years, just as many Alpenfests as she’s experienced as business owner. But nothing prepared her for the experience of helping her staff and neighbors after the devastating May 20 tornado.

“It’s really comforting to see in a time like that Downtown, all of us here in Gaylord, the support,” says Mullenberg. “A lot of us that knew each other, a lot of us that maybe hadn’t met each other, even though we’re such a small town. But during that situation, we just came together and helped each other out.”

The 2022 Gaylord Alpenfest begins Tuesday, July 12 and ends Saturday, July 16. For more information on events and times, visit .