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Open Ramp Returns to Air Station Traverse City for First Time Since Pandemic


Ahead of the big National Cherry festival Airshow, thousands of people went to Air Station Traverse City’s open house Friday. It’s the first time they’ve held Open Ramp since the pandemic.

Lieutenant Brandon Skelly, says he’s excited for what the weekend will bring.

“Kind of kicking off Cherry Fest this week. This isn’t the official opening ceremonies, but we like to think that we’re kind of kicking off the week of festivities right now,” Lt. Skelly admits.

Open Ramp is a way for the Coast Guard to give back to the community and is in celebration of the 2022 National Cherry Festival Air Show. People got a chance to get up close and personal with aircraft and pilots.

“The hype that we’ve been trying to get with the community. None was actually needed, because as soon as we started talking about Open Ramp we got an outpouring of people just expressing how excited they are that it’s finally come back,” Lt. Skelly states

Christine Magiera is from Traverse City and calls herself a Blue Angels fanatic. She says she’s been coming to see the airshow since she was little and is excited for their return.

“We missed out on them the last couple years ago because of COVID. So, it’s great to be here and great to see the airplanes,” Magiera says. “And our small little town to see these awesome airplanes fly above. It’s great for Fourth of July coming up. Just super excited to be here and to see them and to watch them perform over the next couple of days.”

Lt. Skelly says he’s happy to have Open Ramp back, to see friends and family coming together with their fascination of planes.

“It’s an exciting way we can give back to the community. we’re happy that the community supports it. The community supports us, and we want to support the community by doing this and giving back to them,” Lt. Skelly says.

The National Cherry Festival Airshow is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on July 2 and July 3 at Open Space Park.

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