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Chippewa Hills Schools Receives Grant for Mascot Change

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Last year Chippewa Hills schools decided to ditch their warrior Native American iconography and switch their mascot and logo to a knight-inspired warrior.

Originally the district was going to slowly switch over as things needed to be replaced and it would take about three years. The district just received word the Native American Heritage Fund is giving them a grant to cover about a third of the expenses and expedite the process.

“About 35% of what we requested is what we received so we will start with bigger items and then kind of work our way through natural attrition,” said Bob Grover, superintendent, “For example, sports uniforms will be replaced as needed. We won’t update those, we aren’t going to go out and buy all new because we didn’t receive enough money to cover all that.”

Grover says they will start with big projects like repainting an Indian head mural at Mecosta Elementary.