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RISE and Gaylord Area Council for the Arts Bringing a Pop of Color to the Gaylord Skate Park

A project is bringing a pop of color to Gaylord.

RISE Otsego Substance Free Coalition and the Gaylord Area Council for the Arts teamed up to redo the skate park through the Street Art Workshop Series and Skate Park Improvement Project.

“It’s important that RISE is part of this project because, through various community assessments, the Gaylord skate park was identified as an increased risk for underage substance use,” said Ellen Templeton, Project coordinator for RISE Otsego Substance Free Coalition.

Muralists have taken over the skate park in Gaylord. Christopher Gibson is the lead muralist for the project.

“My piece is a bird’s skull that is holding Phoenix Egg,” said Christopher Gibson, Lead Muralist. “The whole theme for everything here is rebirth.”

Caitlin Edwards is also an artist working on the project.

“Mine is, death-bringing a garden back to life. So it’s always a full cycle,” said Caitlin Edwards, muralist.

Some kids in the area are also contributing by creating their own murals.

“The youth, oftentimes we don’t really hear their voice, so this was a great opportunity to allow them to highlight their voice within our community,” said Lisa Marie Tobin, Executive Director of Gaylord Area Council for the Arts.

The organizations hope this project is just the start of bringing more color and art to the Gaylord area.

“I think we hope that the youth are inspired to be active, be creative, that they can lean into their differences as well. And maybe they see some of themselves in the artwork,” said Templeton.

Tuesday at 5 pm there will be a ribbon-cutting at the skate park.