Pickford Teen Becomes First Female Eagle Scout in EUP

Eagle Scout is the highest rank a person can achieve in Boy Scouts of America. 

Emily Roe has just become the first female in the Eastern Upper Peninsula to achieve the goal.Untitled

It normally takes scouts around 6 years to meet all of the requirements, but it took Emily just 2 years to achieve.

Emily is a senior at Pickford High School. She joined the Boy Scouts in 2019 because she wanted an adventure.

“I just found it so interesting, I love the morals to it. The Scout Oath and Law. They just really spoke to me,” says Emily. “I do feel like some of the boys were challenged by me sometimes, but I started to interact with them more, and they all supported me.”

Emily earned a total of 21 badges in 2 years.

After graduation, she is looking forward to attending Les Cheneaux Culinary School.

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