Inside The Kitchen at La Becasse In Maple City

The history at La Becasse is really interesting, it opened in the 70s as “The Woodcock.”

In the 80’s they changed to “La Becasse,” which means “woodcock” in French.

Now, chef Guillaume Hazael-Massieux is bringing his favorite authentic French dishes to Northern Michigan.

He says the meals he creates carry a little bit of his inheritance as a French man growing up. Guillaume was born in Paris.

“I went to culinary school in Léon, it’s kind of the capital of culinary in France where most of the great chefs come from,” Guillaume described.

In 2005 he landed here at La Becasse in Maple City.

“A lot of people can call it the American dream, it is kind of cliché, but it is,” he said.

Bringing you the classics, and then some.Becasse

“But also a lot of little twists you know,” he said.

“This is a classical French sauce that is called a beurre blanc, which is a white butter sauce, which is a classic for fish and seafood in France,” Guillaume said.

Once the asparagus is grilled, the curried salmon is cooked and they’re delicately stacked on top of each other on your plate, you’ll want to see what you can pour next to your plate.

An impressive wine cellar downstairs can house about 1,800 bottles of wine. About 70% is imported from France. There’s plenty to choose from to pair with your favorite dish Guillaume likes cooking up, as much as you’ll like eating.

“I have always been attracted to cooking, it’s always been my world, my life interest, but also the French people are always living in a world where you’re eating a meal and you’re already thinking about the next one, it’s almost like a world where we cannot live without food,” he said.

You can find La Becasse at 9001 S. Dunns Farm Road in Maple City, or call them at 231-334-3944.

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