Peacock Resignation Official, Interim Health Officer Announced

Lisa PeacockHealth board members met in Charlevoix Tuesday to accept the resignation of Lisa Peacock.

Peacock is stepping down as Health Officer for the Health Department of Northwest Michigan after she says she experienced a hostile work environment.

Peacock sent her letter of resignation to members of the board last week, but made it official at the Tuesday’s meeting.

Health board members have passed a motion to make Dan Thorell the Interim Health Officer.

The motion is pending, however, until the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services approves Thorell.

Thorell is currently the Deputy Health Officer at The Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

Many members of the community came out to show support to Peacock. Some members called her resignation, “a huge loss.”

A retired nurse at the meeting said, “I’m quite sure that almost 150 employees join me in deep appreciation for the leadership and guidance Lisa has shown over the past 12 years. Most notable in theLisa Peacock Support past two years.”

Some people were upset with the board after they say they did not give Peacock the respect she deserved.

A woman from Emmet County at today’s meeting said she is, “angry and frustrated at the entire health forum.”

“It is inconceivable to me that a capable, hardworking and intelligent woman with several professional credentials who has followed the highest level of medical expertise, and doing the job she was hired to do would  be treated with such contempt and disrespect by some members of this board,” said the woman.

An Otsego County man said Peacock was just doing her job. He says the system — not Peacock — should have been called into question.

“She’s not necessarily to blame,” he said. “What needs to happen here moving forward whether or not you accept her resignation, this board needs to look inward at it’s processes moving forward.”

Community SpeakingWhile some people were skeptical of Peacock’s leadership, others were happy to have her as their health officer.

“You kept us informed, you kept us safe, and you definitely saved lives — all in the face of incredible challenges,” said a woman from Emmet County. “I’m so sorry to see you go and I applaud your hard work and leadership, and wish you the best in your next position.”

Peacock will continue in as Health Officer until April 29.

Barring the chance MDHHS does not approve the new Interim Health Officer, Dan Thorell will take over April 30.