Vote for Boardman Lake Fitness Court Funding Scheduled for Thursday

The Brownfield Development Authority will meet Thursday to vote on funding for a fitness court by Boardman Lake.

Original plans for the area were for a road that would connect 14th and 8th Streets. Now a fitness court, and plans for a playground and housing development are in the works.

Grand Traverse County Boardman Lake 3Administrator, Nate Alger says community wellness is important, and believes this fitness court will help achieve that.

“We wanted to partner with the community and offer them an opportunity such as this, so while they’re enjoying the Loop they can stop, take advantage of a free exercise opportunity right there with our fitness court,” Alger said.

The fitness court is the result of a partnership with Grand Traverse County, Priority Health and the National Fitness Core Program. Priority Health paid $50,000 and the land bank paid $90,000 towards the fitness court. The Brownfield Development Authority will decide tomorrow whether or not they will provide funding for the fitness court.Boardman Lake2

The city has also expressed interest in developing a playground, park, and housing development. Alger says those ideas work perfectly with the Boardman Lake Loop and the fitness court.

“The more people who are there, the more people who are recreating, the more people who are going to use this fitness court as a result,” Alger said. “It’s a great spot with the loop being closed around Boardman Lake. The location of the fitness court is perfect to those that are using the Boardman Lake Loop.”

The fitness court is a cement slap with several stations and will be free and open to the public. The court will feature a seven minute workout with seven phases for movement, core strength exercises and flexibility exercises.

“It’s not as restrictive as a weight room, for those who are not comfortable using a weight room.” Alger said.

Alger says their main goal was to offer people an opportunity to exercise and achieve wellness.

“A well community functions better. We’re happier when we’re fit, and we want to provide that opportunity to everybody,” he said. “Regardless of your income level, regardless of your physical condition, regardless of your abilities this fitness court will allow a free exercise opportunity to everyone.”