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The Lost Boys Leaving No One Behind

Lost Boys 1

Vets helping vets and leaving no one behind.  That’s the mission of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 35-7, otherwise known as the Lost Boys.

They are part of a national association of combat veterans from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces who ride motorcycles.  Chapter 35-7 is based out of Manistee county, but they serve all of Northern Michigan.  Their aim is to raise awareness and to educate people on veterans issues such as PTSD and homelessness.  They also make sure vets know about all of the benefits they have coming to them.

The Lost Boys hold an annual ride every year to raise money to help fellow veterans and the money stays local.
“Just a lot of things that we’re trying to put together, so we can further help the veterans who are struggling, whether it be financial, we’ve built ramps for people who have needed ramps to their homes, anything like that,” said Public Relations Officer for The Lost Boys, Crystal Falk.

The Lost Boys started up in 2019 and have raised $8,000 since then to help vets.  This year’s recipient was the Grand Traverse Veterans Coalition.

If you’d like to join the group or help them out, we have more information, .