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4 Easy Tips for Capturing Christmas Day Photos on Your Smartphone

By now, most people have their holiday card photos and pictures with Santa in the books, but what about capturing all of those wonderful memories that are sure to occur on Christmas morning? Jennifer Vickery at is here with some quick and easy tips that anyone can use to take professional quality photos with their smartphones and capture moments that are sure to bring joy for years to come. 

Why don’t people always consider utilizing photo tips when taking smartphone photos?

First, I think the average person still views their phone camera as a way to snap impromptu and more casual pictures when in reality smartphone technology has improved dramatically in recent years. The digital cameras on phones are now quite sophisticated and can be used to capture really wonderful and high-quality photos. Second, people can feel intimidated and assume that they need a professional when in reality a few simple techniques and tips can really make a difference and result in quality, frame-worthy portraits.

How much difference can it make to take a little more care when shooting photos from a phone?

It makes all the difference! One of the top tips I’d give to anyone struggling with photography is to simply slow down. Take a moment to take in the people and objects around you, and what you’re trying to capture. Look at your lighting and your framing. Often when you’re rushed and trying to take photos too quickly you end up cutting off people’s arms or feet, or you may end up with extra room on one side of the picture. Take your time, even if it means asking your family members and friends to pose for a couple of extra photos. They’ll forgive you!

What are some of the easiest adjustments to make to elevate smartphone photos?

This sounds incredibly simple, but first clean your camera lens. Even the smallest dust specs and smudges can blur your photos. Second, pay attention to your lighting. Natural light is always best. Also, forget the flash, especially around the holidays when you often have Christmas lights in the background.

Why is it beneficial to take photos that are a little better?

Photos allow us to essentially freeze a moment in time. They capture all of those special moments with friends and loved ones that we can look back on and cherish for years to come, and camera phones have opened up that opportunity to virtually everyone. Capturing a great picture that you can then frame and pass down to your kids and grandkids is really priceless.