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Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra Brings ‘Little Waves’ to Petoskey and Charlevoix

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Children in Petoskey and Charlevoix are discovering a new passion for music thanks to the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra.

The children’s library series known as Little Waves, takes place on the second Saturday of every month at the Petoskey District Library and Charlevoix Public Library.

Program Coordinator Tim Macny says the Little Waves series introduces young children to new instruments.

“The program is envisioned as a way to interact with our youngest listeners and audience members and possibly even orchestra members, you know, well before they are probably even old enough to go for an instrument,” Macny said.

They begin each event by telling a story—both with words and music.

“It’s fun and it’s a good way to get them thinking about music and oftentimes, it’s a whimsical thing,” Macny said. “So we can find some ways, always, to incorporate music into telling the story.”

GLCO Executive Director Judy Zorn says this is Little Wave’s fourth year running.

“We wanted to build a foundation that has touched the lives of children from very young throughout high school, and maybe beyond,” Zorn said.

They want to give kids an experience through hearing and playing.

“It’s very interactive and very informative as you saw today,” Zorn said. “We feature different instruments—percussion, strings, brass, woodwinds.”

The program has been very successful with parents and the orchestra members love the chance to teach children about their instruments.

“Music can be such a joyful thing for children and there’s so many ways to express yourself through music,” Zorn said. “And so we’re so proud and so happy to be able to do this.”

If you missed today’s event, there will be three more installments throughout the next three months.

You can view the full schedule .