Toy Town Giving Playmobil Statue Donations to Toys for Tots

Toy Town in downtown Cadillac is turning a negative situation into a positive one.

Img 7122On Nov. 21, the toy store’s Red Wing statue that stood outside their store was stolen and destroyed.

After the co-owner, Thaddeus Gommesen, posted about the situation on Facebook, he says the community came together to show their support, and even donated money to buy a new statue.

Gommesen says they’re taking that money and donating it to their Toys for Tots campaign.

“Sure, we want to order a new one, but right now the important thing is that we can make sure as many people have a Merry Christmas as possible,” said Gommesen.

Gommesen says they hope to buy a new statue in the spring when they company releases new ones.