Good Reads At Your Local Library: ‘Fall’ing In Love with Reading This Season

The temps are dropping and the leaves are starting to fall, so there’s no better time to chill out with a good read. To help us out, associate producer, Sarah Himes talked with youth services librarian from the Houghton Lake Public Library, Kiel Stevens about her top literary picks to make us ‘fall’ in love with reading this season.

Here are Kiel’s top picks:

  • A Story for Small Bear‘ by Alice McGinty and Richard Jones (Picturebook)- a mom and her cub are getting ready for winter. Small bear wants a story before going to sleep, but there’s a lot to get done first.  Mama bear promises a story if they can get all the work done, but small bear can’t dilly dally or there won’t be time. Of course, small bear keeps getting distracted but tries their hardest to remember not to dilly dally. Adorable seasonal story with a relatable child character that keeps getting distracted and going off task.
  • Tokyo Ever After‘ by Emiko Jean  (Young Adult) – Izzy is a Japanese American who just found out the father she has never known is the crowned prince of Japan.  So, she goes to Japan to meet him and gets caught up in a world full of royal etiquette, paparazzi, and conniving family members- think The Princess Diaries meets Crazy Rich Asians.  A really fun read that had me finishing it in a single sitting; a perfect book for trying to cling to the last feeling of summer.
  • ‘Moon Travel Guide: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’ by Paul Vachon *Michigan Author* (Adult)- The 5th edition was just published in May of 2021 so it has all the current info you could want. breaks down information by region and includes details like attractions, festivals, seasonal activities, and planning your trip, as well as the standard info on lodging, food, and costs.  – great guidebook for any time of year, and conveniently has all the info that you may spend a lot of time looking up, all in one place.

Each of the books mentioned in the interview above are available at Houghton Lake Public Library.

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