Northern Michigan Health Care Providers Answer Questions on Booster Shots, Covid-19 Test Kits

The announcement from the FDA issuing emergency approval for Pfizer Covid-19 booster shoots has left some people with questions.

Booster0“There’s two different categories to be clear of,” said Tammy Sorensen, Director of Community Health for Northwest Michigan Health Services (NWMHS). “Right now we have approval for additional doses, and that is currently for the immunocompromised.”

The booster doses are different.

“The booster doses, that is sitting in the ACIP tight now for deliberation, is for boosting the people that have been vaccinated 8 months out,” said Sorensen.

And as we approach flu season, NWMHS says people don’t have to worry about the flu vaccine mixing with the Covid boosters.

“You can get both vaccines on the same day if you needed to,” Sorensen said. “You can get one in one arm and one in the other arm.”

Family Health Care pharmacies say they’ve been getting questions about over the counter Covid-19 tests being in short supply.

“We’re seeing that, due to the increase in the number of cases caused by the delta variant, a lot more people are seeking those at-home or rapid tests, and because of that, there’s a supply shortage for those tests,” said Travis Kroll, Associate Director, Internal and External Relations of Family Health Care.

They say, like other local pharmacies, they can’t keep them in stock.

“Right now, we’re just looking for the most cost effective solution for our patients and the public that we can put on our shelves,” said Kroll.

Local health care providers are looking to answer any questions people have as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

“I think it’s confusing the process,” said Sorensen. “We just continue to provide people with the best information that we have at that time.”

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