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What’s Growing With Tom: Closing the Vegetable Beds

Welcome back Northern Michigan. We took care of the flower garden last week, now it’s time for the vegetable beds.

We’ve never planted potatoes before so this is like Christmas. We don’t know how they are going to come out.

Talk about taters! I mean there’s a ton in here.  Holy cow – And they keep coming. French fries, baked potato, sour cream, and some bacon that’s what we are thinking.

We filled a five-gallon bucket! “I feel one more, one more there. We got a couple more there. Goodness, not bad for the first haul.”

No doubt, we’ll be planting potatoes again!

All the peppers, green beans, onions, and tomatoes were harvested.

The tomato plants don’t look the best because I didn’t put down Healthy Garden. I knew we would be digging them up this week so I just didn’t add it 2 weeks ago.

But we got plenty!

So what’s the next step?

Justin says” Now we’re going to take the Dairy Doo, and for the math on this you go the Dairy Doo calculator for your bed to see how much you need.
This needs one bag, that’s a half-inch of Dairy Doo put on there, and then worked in. So just like we did with the flowers, we ripped all that thatch out, food, that should be here. That’s gonna go to the compost, but we have put food back. The biology will break down the plant matter and the roots down and make them available for the spring, and then we’ll follow up with the healthy garden.”

So it’s simple – calculate the Dairy Doo add in and do the same with Healthy Garden!

It’s all organic and it’s food for biology and everything else to get ready for the spring,

A lot of hard work. Great results – you can’t complain!

This is our last episode for this year and I hope you can get outside enjoy your garden this fall.