Pellston Schools Close to Completing New Athletic Field Area

The finishing touches are being put on Pellston Schools new football field and facilities.

The project had a price tag of $1.5 million and includes and number of upgrades. Some of those include a new concession and bathroom building and grass around the bleachers for people to set up chairs and watch the games.

The track has also been replaced with rubber and they’re looking to add more track and field space.

Football Coach Chris Schappi said the improvements have been a long time coming. “So our locker rooms are upgraded,” he said. “We’ll have a laundry facility in there, a new projector, smart board, things like that and then just the viewing platform and the hill and the new press box to have our guys who are up there scouting, spotting, and filming. It’s awesome.”

The new look has been well received by fans as well as players, including Junior Running Back Garrett Cameron. “Its a huge upgrade from last year,” he said. “I think it’s brought up kind of our mentality and kind of brought the hype up a lot. Playing on an even better field than last year and the facilities around here.”

All of the improvements are expected to be complete by the next home football game, two weeks from now where the Hornets hope to continue their unbeaten streak against Atlanta.