Art Rapids Honors Board Member Who Lost Battle to COVID

As music filled Elk Rapids Day Park, Art Rapids supporters remember former board member Terri Armstrong.

Armstrong passed away after battling COVID earlier this year.

Art Rapids President, Becky Lancaster says, “She passed away last April and like everyone else during COVID you couldn’t do anything to come together traditionally for a memorial.”

For their annual summer concert, Art Rapids asked those who came out to donate in Terri’s name.

They plan to crest a memorial for her in the park.

“We’ve been itching to honor her at the community level and let her family know that we’re thinking of them,” says Lancaster.Ab4adbb9 8187 464d A8b2 D9b928aa706f

Armstrong’s family says they know she was at the concert on Thursday.

“Art Rapids is beautiful,” said Armstrong’s sister, Joellen Ziesmer. “This is a beautiful area and for people to come and enjoy it and listen to the music and to Terri. She’s here with us.”

Her family says they’ve been seeing songs of her, even Thursday night at the concert.

“There was a cardinal at her office and there was a cardinal here tonight when we got out of the truck,” said Armstrong’s mother, Sandra Paradis. 

Art Rapids says if you‘d like to donate to the family, you can reach out through their office.