Frankfort Music Festival Raises Money for High School Football Field

 Live music and a good cause are brining out the Frankfort community.

Saturday was the Frankfort Music Festival.

The funds from the festival go right back to Frankfort High School.

Todd Cozart grew up in Frankfort and has watched over the years as the Frankfort football field has slowly fallen apart.

Cozart says, “I just wanted to do this to help raise money to put this field back together for everybody so Frankfort can keep enjoying it like when I was a kid.”

Corsair says when he went to the city of Frankfort with the idea to raise money for the project, they were all ears.

Now, they’ve been able to put together the Frankfort Music Festival and it’s music to everyone’s ears.

“It meant a lot to me. This is like a legend to this town and I just want want to give back to the town I grew up in and I had a lot of good help,” Cozart said.

He says the entire project will cost just over a million dollars and so far they’ve been able to check some items off their list.

Cozart says, “The did put new grandstands in here within the last year, they did put new lighting in, we still have dugouts to do.”517745ba D41f 46be Abe0 2d57808b1008

Saturday’s performers came from all over the country.

For Country Music Artist, Claudia Hoyser it took 11 hours by car.

Hoyser says, “To know that we’re going to get everybody to come out to raise money for an amazing cause, going to do some huge upgrades here for Frankfort and this field, Lockhart Field. It just is so special.”

She says she’s also willing to do what it takes to see the reconstruction happen.

“Everyone’s just been so welcoming and so graceful towards us and we can’t wait to be back here for anything they might need us for,” says Hoyser.

Todd Cozart says the community will be holding more fundraisers at Lockhart field until they reach their goal.