Northern Michigan Nursing Home Celebrates 200 Days of Being COVID-Free

Crawford Continuing Care Center in Grayling just surpassed 200 days of being COVID-free. Senior citizens and staff came together on Wednesday to celebrate the milestone.

“Right now, it’s everything to us,” said Ben Elliott, Director of Nursing and Infection Control. “It’s a big, huge step. You know, we’re so close to returning to our normalcy and this is just one way to celebrate that.”

Elliot said it was trying at times for him and his staff, but they all pushed through. He says the senior citizens are 100 percent vaccinated and the staff is at 79 percent.

Marilyn Heard, Nursing Home Administrator thought of the idea. She says during COVID the senior citizens had to stay in their room and weren’t able to see family or other residents.

“Once our residents had their vaccinations, things changed,” she said. Our numbers got better and they were able to start getting visitors and everything else like that.”

Crawford Continuing Care Center hopes to continue this momentum and will follow the necessary protocols as restrictions continue to lift.

Suzanne Brett, a resident at the nursing home says she can’t say enough good things about the staff.

“We were confined to our rooms before. They picked us up when we were down,” she said. “That’s all I can say. They’re great. Everybody should have this kind of staff.”

Crawford Continuing Care Center is still practicing social distancing and wearing masks when necessary.

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