Northern Michigan Counties Starting to See Days with No New COVID-19 Cases

As the number of new coronavirus cases drops across the state, some northern Michigan counties have actually had day this week with no new reported cases.

COVID-19 cases dropped off dramatically in recent weeks.

Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Benzie and Emmett Counties even reported days with no new cases.

Those counties also have some of the highest vaccination rates in the state.

“Clearly the low rates we’re seeing right now has a lot to do with our vaccination rates. There’s no doubt about it. The vaccine is showing to be extremely safe and very effective, and we’re just thankful that we have that. And as the rates go up, we’re seeing less cases and I hope to see that trend throughout the summer and onward,” said Dr. Josh Meyerson, Health Director for the Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

But doctors say other factors also come into play.

“The other thing we are seeing is testing numbers are dropping dramatically, certainly if less people are sick less people are going to get tested,” said Dr. Jennifer Morse, Medical Director for Central Michigan District, Mid-Michigan District, and District Health Department #10.

The low COVID-19 case count is welcome news for communities like Suttons Bay.

“We have a slightly older distribution of folks in Leelanau County and I guess they sort of feel like me, want to keep on going,” said Dick Cookman Owner of Enerdyne.

But doctors caution, the low case count does not mean we’re out of the pandemic just yet.

“We as a society just need to be ready and able to pivot so if we start to see cases increasing, if we see new variants, if we see our vaccines not responding well to the certain variants, being able to say okay we need to start wearing masks again. We need to stay home again, things like that. We all hope and pray that that does not happen, but we need to be ready and able to do that should it come to pass,” said Dr. Morse.

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