Lake City Community Planning Benefit Dinner for Dudek Family

Back in May, we told you the story of Rick Atherton- Dudek.

Dudek is a fifteen year old from Lake City who was ejected from a car during an accident in November.

Right now, Ricky is in rehabilitation in Grand Rapids.

He was supposed to come home on June 10th, but because of complications he still has more therapy to complete.

Now, the Lake City community is putting together a dinner benefit to help Ricky’s family pay for medical expenses.

Before Ricky can come home, his family needs to make modifications to their home and purchase a wheelchair-accessible car.

So far, multiple Lake City businesses have donated to the benefit.Afaf5082 7efd 4b3a 918c 4057c39d2021

“It’s very overwhelming and I’m very grateful for all of my friends and the community that were a part of. I love Lake City,” said Ricky’s mom, Sherry Dudek. 

The benefit dinner will be June 23rd at the Lake City Eagle’s Club.