A Record-Breaking Head Start to the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season

The Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season officially begins on May 15th, but that does not stop tropical cyclones from developing. Tropical Storm Andres developed Sunday (May 9th), placing it in the record books for the earliest tropical cyclone to develop in recent history (1966 to 2020).

Andres is currently a Tropical Storm with 40 mph winds.

Tropical Storms Hurricanes

The storms os expected to weaken to a tropical depression by Monday and make no impact on the United States. 

Tropical Storms Hurricanes2

The previous record was held by Tropical Storm Adrian, which developed on May 10, 2017. Thereafter, it was nearly three weeks later that Tropical Storm Beatriz developed. Beatriz was the second named storm in the 2017 season in the Pacific.

This does not guarantee a busy hurricane season in the Pacific or  Atlantic. But when looking back at data and compare it to long-term averages, 2017 was an above-average season after an early start.

Hurricane Season Stats21

Additionally, hurricane experts are anticipating another active year in the Atlantic. Not quite as active as 2020, however.

Hurricane Season Stats2

The Doppler 9&10 Weather Team will be keeping an eye on the tropics all summer. The official start of the Atlantic Hurricane season is June 1st.

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