Northern Michigan’s The Accidentals to Host Virtual EP Release Show

The Accidentals are a talented trio of Northern Michigan musicians who are not letting quarantine dim their light.Accidentals Cover

Instead, they’re finding inspiration and releasing some new music.

“And we’ve been working on a lot of co-writes during quarantine,” says Sav Buist as she sat alongside bandmates Katie Larson and Michael Dause. “Not something we ever expected to do, came about very serendipitously…”

The three have been back in Northern Michigan creating all kinds of new material.

“We decided to record the songs that came out of it, that really set up kind of a time period that we were living through, and are hopefully a good sendoff of moving forward.”

The Accidentals will be joined by Dar Williams, Tom Paxton, Kim Richey, and Maia Sharp as the City Opera House presents The Accidentals: Time Out Virtual EP Release show. All are co-writers on the new EP “TIMEOUT.”

You can catch the experience on Sunday, May 9 at 8:00 pm EST. Tickets are $25, or $100 VIP (Includes Ticket, Time Out journal, Travel mug, Wildfire tea, Dark chocolate, Sage bundle, Lavender bath bomb, Candle.)

Click here for tickets.

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