Michigan Breaks Down COVID-19 Numbers for Individual Hospitals

The state of Michigan is now breaking down how many COVID-19 patients are in each individual hospital.

The state says it has expanded the data it releases to the public because of new federal requirements. The data, found by scrolling to bottom of this web page on Michigan.gov, is updated every Friday.

The state’s number breakdown also shows ICU and bed occupancy. But it’s important to note bed occupancy numbers include all total patients, not just those with COVID-19.

  1. In Northern Michigan, Munson Cadillac is the highest at 92% bed occupancy.
  2. Next is Munson in Grayling at 71% bed occupancy.
  3. Then Munson in Traverse City, which is at 68% bed occupancy.
  4. UP Health System in Marquette is at 65%.

State wide, bed occupancy is at 74%, a number that reiterates what Michigan hospitals said in a press conference last week: Michigan is in the middle of a clear public health crisis.

Many hospitals downstate are floating at a 80% bed occupancy or higher. MidMichigan Medical Center in Gratiot, a rural area, is already at 100% bed occupancy with just 16 COVID-19 patients and 2 in the ICU.

But also in Northern Michigan, many bed occupancy numbers are much lower.

Here is a sample of the numbers from hospitals in Northern Michigan (updated by the state on Nov. 13).

  • Helen Newberry Joy Hospital: 2 patients, 0 in ICU—18% bed occupancy
  • Kalkaska Memorial Health Center: 0 patients, 0 in ICU—13%bed occupancy
  • Mackinac Straits Hospital: 0 patients, 0 in ICU—7% bed occupancy
  • McLaren Northern Michigan, Petoskey: 28 patients, 28 in ICU—47% bed occupancy
  • McLaren Central Michigan Hospital: 3 patients, 2 in ICU—31% bed occupancy
  • MidMichigan Medical Center, Alpena: 8 patients, 1 in ICU—37% bed occupancy
  • MidMichigan Medical Center, Clare: 3 patients, 0 in ICU—24% bed occupancy
  • MidMichigan Medical Center, Gladwin: 7 patients, 0 in ICU—33% bed occupancy
  • MidMichigan Medical Center, Midland: 62 patients, 12 in ICU—71% bed occupancy
  • MidMichigan Medical Center, West Branch: 9 patients, 0 in ICU—24% bed occupancy
  • Munson Cadillac: 16 patients, 14 are in ICU—92% bed occupancy
  • Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital: 1 patients, 0 in ICU—32% bed occupancy
  • Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital: 13 patients, 3 in the ICU—71% bed occupancy
  • Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital: 0 patients, 0 in ICU—23% bed occupancy
  • Munson Medical Center, Traverse City: 49 patients, 28 in ICU—68% bed occupancy
  • Otsego Memorial Hospital: 0 patients, 0 in ICU—39% bed occupancy
  • Spectrum Health, Big Rapids: 12 patients, 1 in ICU—53% bed occupancy
  • Spectrum Health, Ludington: 10 patients, 5 in ICU—45% bed occupancy
  • Spectrum Health, Reed City: 0 patients, 0 in ICU—0% bed occupancy
  • UP Health System, Marquette: 34 patients, 11 in ICU—65% bed occupancy
  • War Memorial Hospital, Sault Ste. Marie: 4 patients, 3 in ICU—51% bed occupancy
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