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Covid 19

Michigan Hospitals Address Rapidly Rising Coronavirus Case Count

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Hospitals across the state came together Thursday to address a number of concerns they’re seeing statewide as coronavirus cases continue to spike.

Hospitals across Michigan say the state is in the middle of a clear public health crisis, with beds filling at alarming rates.

“I think one of the things that is different to this period of time compared to March and April, is this is throughout the state, the capacity issues are in the up, they’re in northern Michigan and they’re in all of our communities. It provides fewer safety values for transfer of patients to maybe lower hit communities than we saw in March and April, and so it is a concern given the wide spread nature,” said Munson Healthcare President & CEO Ed Ness.

Doctors are finding transmission of the virus is happening faster and mostly when people gather in groups without masks and social distancing.

“The virus doesn’t move on its own, it spreads through us, it’s our behavior, our patterns the tools to control it are there, they’re all accessible and we just have to constantly emphasize that in any and every way we can,” said Beaumont CEO John Fox.

Hospitals say they don’t want to return to restrictions that were put in place back in the spring that limited appointments like elective surgeries, but if cases don’t slow down, there may not be much of a choice.

They say they’re also getting worried about the number of doctors and nurses available to treat a growing number of cases.

“We know that our PPE works, and if you look at staff who have tested positive the vast majority are receiving that through community transmission and so naturally like teachers, like other professions as the positivity rate goes up in the community then it affects our staff,” said Ness.

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