Northern Michigan Medical Clinic at Center of MI Supreme Court Case

"A big relief. really happy for the state of Michigan." - Jordan Warnsholz, Wellston Medical Center

The owner of a northern Michigan medical clinic is at the center of the lawsuit against the Governor, and he is speaking out about the State Supreme Court ruling handed down late Friday afternoon.

Wellston MedicalThe Wellston Medical Center in Manistee County says they joined the suit as a plaintiff, because patients could not seek treatment unless they had life-threatening conditions. But even missing routine appointments led to devastating consequences: including one patient who ultimately passed away.

Owner Jordan Warnsholz is calling the court ruling a relief – and a victory. Warnsholz sees patients at the Wellston Medical Center in Manistee. But he’s had to exercise his own patience for months – waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on whether Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders are constitutional.

John Ross is one of his patients, who says the last several months have been a struggle. “You can’t ‘doctor’ effectively through the phone. As far as being able to come in and see him, there were certain things that were cut off.” Ross says he was denied the ability to access his medications and injections he needed. Wellston Medical 2Warnsholz says there’s a backlog of patients waiting to be taken care of. “We’ve got a lot of work to catch up on. We’re excited do that.”

The Wellston Medical Center is one of the plaintiffs that took their case all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court. Now that the court has ruled, he says, “We’re going to continue to do what makes sense, common sense, and do what’s right. But we’re not going to do it under the threat of persecution.”

Jordan Warnsholz says the ruling is good news for all kinds of businesses. “Health care providers and all businesses throughout the state will not have to work under the threat of losing their business license or medical license if someone were to violate one of the 180 EO’s (Executive Orders).”

Wellston Clinic 1Walk-ins are welcome once again and the clinic is starting to see more patients – just a couple of changes that Jordan Warnsholz says are effective immediately. “We will see more in-office appointments starting today. Basically normalized, back to our normal routine seeing our patients in the office which is absolutely the best approach. Certainly we will continue the mask precautions.”

Warnsholz also says patients have already said they’re relieved that restrictions will be loosening – and that relief is good for mental health and overall well-being. “Relief is a good feeling. That really improves quality of life. Outlook and mental health, emotional health, and that in turn feeds into physical health, and your overall health.”

And John Ross says it shows a small clinic in small town Michigan can make a difference. “If you raise your voice enough you can get results. This is results that we needed. Good for not only small town but good for Michigan. Kudos to Jordan, and Emily (the clinic owners), for taking up the mantra, and for fighting her (Gov. Whitmer).”

Warnsholz says he knows the fight isn’t over just because of the court ruling. “We’ll just wait and see how that comes. There’s more to come I’m sure. I’m sure there’s going to be new orders and she’ll delegate those orders to other government organizations.”

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