Some US Teachers Choose to Retire, Resign Over COVID-19 Back-to-School Plans

08 14 20 Covid Latest Vo

Students are starting to return back-to-school, but 34 states are reporting infection rates higher than 5%, causing backlash from educators across the country.

The Food and Drug Administration is granting emergency authorization for a new saliva-based test that delivers COVID-19 results faster.

But nationally, there are teachers choosing to retire or resign because their school is reopening during the pandemic. In Arizona, science teacher Jacob Frantz chose to resign along with two-thirds of his department.

“We could stay up sick for two weeks, it doesn’t matter. Our school board is determined to reopen dangerously, and it’s that, frankly, they’re going to continue on that path until someone gets hurt,” Frantz says. “When people asked for a Plexiglas screen in front of their desk, they were told no. McDonalds is doing more to protect their employees than our schools are.”

Over the weekend, COVID-19 clusters were discovered at the University of North Carolina and Oklahoma State.

And Notre Dame is reported to have 44 positive COVID-19 cases.

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