Health Experts Skeptical About Russia’s Approved COVID-19 Vaccine

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We have continuing coverage this morning on Russia’s claim of having a COVID-19 vaccine.

Russia is the first country to grant regulatory approval to a coronavirus vaccine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is declaring it a victory. But doctors worldwide are skeptical about the vaccine.

They say the country ignored safety procedures to speed up development.

“Right now it’s almost a political statement. There is no test that shows that this is protects anybody from COVID-19,” says Dr. David Agus, a professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California. “I certainly hope it doesn’t change what any country does in terms of vaccine development. Most countries are doing phase three studies. That’s looking, does this vaccine actually protect and reduce the symptoms by 50%.”

Russia was one the courtiers hardest hit by the coronavirus.

The U.S., Britain and Canada accused Moscow hackers of trying to steal COVID-19 research last month.

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