Traverse Area District Library Holds ‘Parenting During COVID-19’ Webinar

The Traverse Area District Library has been holding webinars to keep those at home informed.

On Wednesday they invited a panel of speakers to tackle the subject of parenting during COVID-19.

“This period we’re in right now, mothers are just feeling maxed out,” said panelist Alison Arnold.

She said that crisis could effect your child’s stress levels and these elevated levels  could cause long-term damage.

“When those hormones stay elevated in our system, in a young child’s system, for significant periods of time they can actually impair healthy development,” said Arnold.

Mary Manner with 5toONE Early Childhood says outbursts and fits could be an indication of that.

Manner said, “Their tendency is to overreact and kind of live in that automatic response mode.”

 She also added that parents should stop trying to predict the future and start living in the moment.

“We don’t know what the future will bring. We can’t be ready for everything we might face,” said Manner.

Arnold says that learning to be mindful requires discipline and even though quarantine has taken away some tangible parts of the world we are still able to form relationships.”

“We are wired to have these safe supportive and nurturing relationships,” said Arnold.  “When they happen that fuels our healthy development.”

 But the work starts with the parents.4b27485e E713 4f76 89c3 35229b083ef0

Arnold says, “Caring for your children really begins with caring for yourself too.”

 The Traverse Area District Library says that their next webinar will be May 20th.

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