United Way 211 Provides Support from COVID-19 Cyber-Scams

With people using virtual technology for communication and other forms of online platforms during the ongoing crisis, it’s easy for cyber threats and crimes to be on the rise. That’s why the Internet Screen Security Protection 60504United Way has a universal referral line where people can call in or text for support.

The United Way of Northwest Michigan uses the 211 referral line based on counties throughout northern Michigan. A person is on the other end of the line with support and guidance about what a victim of cyber scams and what they can do going forward.

The staff with 211 are able to point people in the right direction in terms of what agencies like the FBI or other credible sources need to be contacted.

For more information regarding the 211 services and how it can help in terms of reporting a cyber-threat regarding COVID-19 scams, click here.

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