Second Confirmed COVID-19 Case, First Death Reported in Alpena County

Health officials are reporting Alpena County’s second confirmed COVID-19 case and its first death due to the virus.

District Health Department No. 4 says the patient was an elderly woman who lived in a long-term care facility and was hospitalized in Alpena.

The health department says the woman tested positive for COVID-19 after her death.

According to the health department, all residents and employees are now being monitored for COVID-19 symptoms.

“We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of this individual,” said Denise Bryan, Health Officer at DHD4. “We know that COVID-19 is present in our community, but an illness and loss of life at a facility serving some of our most vulnerable in our population is a sobering reminder that our community must continue to be vigilant with our actions to keep this virus from spreading. In addition to continuing mitigation strategies in the community, our department will continue to address the needs of our vulnerable populations, including those who live in congregate settings like long-term care facilities.”

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