Pizza 4 Hope: The Cabin Starts a Pay-it-Forward Pizza Program

Many local businesses are stepping up to help those in need and showing their appreciation to our front line workers.04 15 20 Pizza For Hope Vo.transfer

The Cabin in Mount Pleasant started its Pizza 4 Hope program about a week ago.

Angela Nguyen & John Hunter, owners and general Managers of The Cabin, have been delivering pizzas to front line workers at various fire departments, nursing homes, gas stations and more.

Now they are going a step further to try to help those in our community who may need help with food.

“The basic idea there is a pay-it-forward pizza program where people that are in need or maybe were laid off or they just need a pizza for whatever reason, they can come to The Cabin to this tree and there will be gift cards for different things whether it be a family meal for their whole family or an individual something. They can just pick it off the tree and it’s already paid for by others,” Hunter said.

The Cabin says it is considering making this a permanent program.

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